Request Server Virtualization Support | Technology Management

Moving your servers to a virtualized environment allows you to reduce hardware costs, increase the flexibility of your systems and provide additional data security options. You’ll often get more performance out of your current server hardware than you realized was possible. You can reduce the number of servers you have in production, which will save on upgrade and energy costs. All Covered can quickly tell you the potential savings you could get from virtualizing your servers and can perform the transition work for you. This could also help your move towards cloud computing. The first step is to get a Virtualization Assessment.

What Should I Expect During the Virtualization Assessment?

An All Covered virtualization expert will remotely connect your servers to the monitoring system. Two weeks later the consultant will disconnect the assessment tool and provide an extensive report and recommendations based on the findings.

What Will the Report Tell Me?

  • A complete inventory of your servers, their capabilities and usage across different time periods.
  • The savings you can expect from virtualization.
  • Recommendations for the hardware and software that will be the basis of your virtualized environment.

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